Former Teammates Compete Against Each Other At The College Level

Taylor Edwards ['07], LaVell Hewlett, and Matt McCulloch ['07] Participate in the UW-River Falls Vs. UW Whitewater Game.

Perkins Stadium on the campus of UW-Whitewater, Saturday, October 24, 2009

Right: Matt McCulloch [5] and Taylor Edwards [31] after the Wisconsin High School All-Star game following their senior year at Parker.

Photo by
Kathy McCulloch

Left: Taylor Edwards of the UW-River Falls Falcons and Matt McCulloch of the UW-Whitewater Warhawks after the River Falls and Whitewater football game on Saturday, October 24.

Photo by
Kallie McCulloch

July 2007

After a closely contested first half UW-Whitewater pulled away in the second half to win 38-14 against WIAC Conference rival UW-River Falls. Former Viking players LaVell Hewlett and Matt McCulloch play for UW-Whitewater while former Viking Taylor Edwards is a member of the River Falls football team. McCulloch was named Whitewater's Defensive Player of the Game.

One of the 'Honorary Co-Captains' for the game between the Warhawks of UW-Whitewater and the Falcons of UW-River Falls was Emme Bullis. Emme [purple hat, above left] is shown picking up the coin that was tossed to determine the team choices for the first and second half. She handed the coin to the referee. The coin came up heads giving Whitewater the choice. The Warhawks deferred to the the second half. Emme is the daughter of Parker High School Physical Education teacher Kathleen Bullis and Kevin Bullis. Kevin Bullis [left, purple hat] is an assistant coach for the Warhawks. Whitewater is ranked second in the D3 division of NCAA football and played Rivers Falls for its Homecoming Game.

Matt McCulloch [above left] and Taylor Edwards [above right] were teammates on the 2006 undefeated Big '8' Champion Viking football team. On Saturday, October 24th, they were opponents playing in a WIAC Conference football game at Parkins Stadium on the campus of UW-Whitewater. McCulloch is a starting cornerback for the Warhawks while Edwards is the starting tailback for the Falcons.

Below: McCulloch [23] looks into the backfield as Edwards [below far left] and the Falcons prepare to initiate a play in first half action.

McCulloch [far left] crowds the LOS as the Warhawk defense faces a Falcon offensive play.

Above right: Edwards takes a handoff from Falcon QB Ryan Lussenheide.

Taylor Edwards [25] had 79 yards rushing on 27 carries

Left and above: Matt McCulloch [23] had two solo tackles, one assist on a tackle and two breakups of passes.

Below: On punts McCulloch [23] lines up on the LOS.

Above and below: UW-Whitewater freshman LaVell Hewlett [22] is a 2009 graduate of Parker High School. Hewlett is a starting member of the Warhawk kickoff team [above and below].

Above: With 7 seconds to go in the half the Warhawks connected on a 37 yard scoring play. Quarterback Jeff Donovan threw 37 yards to Jordan Wells [8] to give the Warhawks a 21-0 lead going into the second half.

Below: A large crowd of 8,169 watched the Homecoming Game between Whitewater and River Falls.