La Follette Scores With 1:25 Left In Game To Win At Monterey

Janesville Parker 25, Madison La Follette 29, at Monterey Stadium, Friday, August 26, 2016.


The Lancers from Madison La Follette scored on a 1 yard run with 1:25 left in the game to take a 28-25 lead. The extra point kick made the score 29-25. After a penalty on the kickoff the Vikings started on their own 8 yard line with little time left on the clock.

However, Vikings never quit and Parker drove to the La Follette 29 yard line as time ended. La Follette now is 2-0 in the Big '8' while Parker is 0-2.

The Vikings opened scoring on a 30 yard run by DJ Vance. Parker ended the first quarter with a 6-0 lead. La Follette scored twice in the second quarter to take a 14-6 lead left with 3:40 left in the first half. Parker then responded with a 6 yard run with 2 seconds left in the half by DJ Vance to close within 14-12.

Parker scored twice in the third quarter on a 1 yard run by DJ Vance and a 27 yard fumble recovery and run by Eric Schumacher. The third quarter ended with Parker ahead 25-14. The Lancers then scored twice in the fourth quarter to leave Monterey with the win.

Left: Game co-captains Juan Harris [76] and Ed Jacobson [39].

Right: Game co-captains Anthony Vargas [48] and Sandy Toyer [30].

Above: Sam Nemetz [2] kicks off to start the game.

Kickoff team shown L-R: Brandon Leeder [20], Kyle Fuller [19], Frank Deaton [31], kicker Sam Nemetz, Iziah Jones [35], Seamus Murphy [21], Brody Lippens [10], and Adam Teubert [62].

Above L-R: Juan Harris [76] and Sam Garvoille [9] on a stop, Ed Jacobson [39] closes on La Follette ruuning back Kayvion James-Ragland [there was a holding penalty called on this play], and the Viking defense swarming to the ball in the first quarter.

Above: Sandy Toyer [30] on a first quarter pass reception.

Right: DJ Vance on a first quarter gain.

Above: Frank Deaton [31] closes on a La Follette runner as Anthony Vargas [48] makes the tackle.

Left: Ed Jacobson on a 39 yard gain in the first qaurter.

Above L-R: Ed Jacobson [39], Kyle Fuller [19] knocking down a long La Follette pass in the first quarter, Sandy Toyer [30] deflecting a Lancer pass at the goal line, and DJ Vance picking up yardage using a block by Alonzo Velazquez [78].

Offensive lineman Adam Teubert [62], Logan Murdy [hidden], and Mylik Williams [71] in the first quarter.

Right : With La Follette driving the Viking's Sam Garvoille [9] picked off a Lancer pass to stop the La Follette drive.

Above L-R: Logan Murdy [53] gets a block to allow DJ Vance to gain yardage in the 2nd quarter, Jaldyn Ellis [6] and Kyle Fuller [19] on a defensive stop, and Sandy Toyer [30] picks up yardage in the 2nd quarter.

Above L-R: The 'D' line, Frank Deaton [31] stops La Follette QB Julian Patton [6], and DJ Vance running to daylight behind blocks by Mylik Williams [71] and Alonzo Velazquez.

Michael Combs [52], Zach Christianson [73], Harrison Creed [80], and Ed Jacobson [39] blocking in the 2nd quarter.

Above left: Alonzo Velazquez [78] and Juan Harris 76].

Above right: Brody Lippens [10] and Adam Teubert [62] cover the kickoff return after Parker scored to close within 14-12 at the end of the first half.

Right: Sandy Toyer [30] gaining yardage that helped set up the Viking score at the end of the first half.

DJ Vance [23] scores at the end of the first half behind the blocking of Harrison Creed [80], Zach Christianson [73], and Mylik Williams [71].

Above: Juan Harris [76] and Jadyn Ellis [6] blocking in the 2nd quarter.

Right: A third quarter gain by DyVonne Thornton [1].

Above third quarter action L-R: Chase Hamilton [22], Jadyn Ellis [6] and Sandy Toyer stop La Follette's Jake Gilchrist-Kleinitz, Brandon Leeder [20] on a QB hurry, and Juan Harris, Kyle Fuller [19], and Eric Schumacher [25] combine to stop a Lancer ball carrier.

Parker's Eric Schumacher [25] combined a QB sack, fumble recovery, and run with the recovery to score a 27 yard TD at the 5:09 mark of the third quarter. Schumacher's dramatic play gave the Vikings a 24-14 lead. Sam Nemetz made the extra point kick to make the score 25-14.

Above left: Kyle Fuller [19] and Brandon Leeder [20] on a 3rd quarter stop.

Above right: Kyle Fuller [19].

Right: DyVonne Thornton [1] on a kickoff return after La Follette scored the go ahead touchdown.

Above L-R: DyVonne Thornton [1] gains yardage using the blocks of Ed Jacobson [39] and Logan Murdy [53], QB Jordan Bailey [11], and Sandy Toyer getting sandwiched on a pass play with less than a mninute left in the game.

School does not start until September 1, but the Parker band under the direction of John Biester performed at the game.

The Parker cheerleaders. Tonya Lou is the cheerleading coach.

The Parker Poms squad. The poms are coached by Kiki Rucker.