Cardinals Improve To 5-1
With Win Against Vikes

Middleton 28, Parker 0, at Otto Breienbach Stadium on the campus of Middleton High School, Friday, September 23, 2016


Above left: Sam Garvoille [9] returns the opening kickoff as Garrett Masterson leads the blocking. Above right Parker game co-captains L-R: Anthony Vargas, Mylik Williams, Zach Christianson, and Ed Jacobson. After a back and forth first quarter the Middleton Cardinals got on the board with 1:55 left in the quarter on a 1 yard QB bootleg run. The extra point kick made the score 7-0 after one quarter of play.

With 2:44 left in the half the Cardinals scored again on an 18 yard pass play to go into the halftime with a 14-0 lead. An electrifying 78 yard TD return of the second half kickoff by Middleton's Tre Turner upped the Cardinal lead to 21-0. Midway throuigh the third quarter Middleton scored again on a 1 yard QB run to make the final score 28-0. .

DJ Vance [28] on a first quarter run. Mike Kettle [81] seals off the backside on the run.

Above L-R: Collyn Wacholtz and Brandon Leeder [20] on defense, Jadyn Ellis tackles Middleton receiver Noah Helbach, and DB Sandy Toyer on a pass defflection.

Above: Ed Jacobson [39] on a stop as Badger recruit Kayden Lyles [76, 6' 03, 320] and Indiana University recruit Juan Harris compete on the LOS.

Above L-R: Juan Harris pursues to the ball, LB Eric Schumacher [25], and Sandy Toyer [30] tackles Cardinal QB C. J. Femanich.

Above left: on a 4th and 12 from the Viking 35 Middleton tried a fake punt run. Viking defenders Jadyn Ellis [6] and Kyle Fuller [19] stopped the play and the Vikings took over on offense. Above center: A first quarter fiumble recovery by Sam Garvoille [not shown] stopped a Middleton drive. Kyle Fuller [19], Anthony Vargas [48], and Collyn Wacholtz [68] signal the recovery. Above right: QB Jordan Bailey sets up to pass as Ed Jacobson blocks.

Above left: Receiver Brody Lippens [10]. Above right: Center Logan Murdy [53], David Dubanowich [55], Mylik Williams [71], and Zach Christianson blocking in the 1st quarter.

Ed Jacobson [left] and David Dubanowich [55] block for DJ Vance

Alonzo Velazquez [78] gives RB Sandy Toyer a chance to gain yardage

Abovce L-R: Juan Harris applies pressure to the QB, long snapper Garrett Masterson on punt coverage, and Ed Jacobson on a stop.

Above L-R: DJ Vance, Anthony Vargas [48] closes on Cardinal RB Dion Huff, and Juan Harris stops Huff for no gain.

Left: DyVonne Thornton on a 2nd quarter gain.

Above L-R: Zach Christianson and Mike Kettle [81] blocking in the second quarter, DB Sandy Toyer deflected this pass to Middleton receiver Myron Ashford. Both players fell to the ground. The deflected pass came down and landed on the chest of Ashford who was flat on his back. The result was a TD for Middleton with 2:44 left in the half.

Left: DJ Vance.

Defensive lineman Juan Harris, Collyn Wacholtz [68], and Brandon Leeder [20]

Above L-R: Sandy Toyer [30], DJ Vance, and Alonzo Velazquez [78] on a 3rd quarter tackle.

Jadyn Ellis tackles a Middleton receiver as Kyle Fuller [19] pursues

Above L-R: Juan Harris and Alonzo Velazquez [78] on defense, Sam Garvoille [9], and QB Jordan Bailey.

DJ Vance punting in the 3rd quarter. His punt traveled 48 yards to the Middleton 19 yard line.

Juan Harris [76] and Collyn Wacholtz [68] stop Middleton's James Pabst for no gain in the 4th quarter.