2016 Pride Football Camp

Parker football players at the 2016 Pride Football Camp held on the campus of Parker High School from July 18 to July 22


Players met from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Monday-Thursday to learn and practice the skills they will use during the 2016 season

Players under the direction of Parker Football Coaches divided up by grade level into offensive and defensive groups to practice individual and team skills. Varsity offensive line coach Mike Fuhrmann is shown directing a group of younger players during the team portion of the camp.

Players began the camp with warmup drills. Frequent water breaks were taken and all drills were timed with players changing drills during the fast paced camp routine.

Frequent water breaks and practice at night helped minimize the effects of the hot weather

Hand position, footwork, and proper body alignment in various defenses were stressed in the individual defensive drills.

Above right: Varsity assistant Mike Wick sets up a defensive lineman drill.

Right: Nolen Leach demonstrates defensive line techniques.

Below center: Volunteer coach Matt McCulloch working with DB's in a drill.

Above left: Head coach Clayton Kreger. Above right: Defensive varsity coordinator Dick Schuh.

Left: Sophomore coach Joe Flister. Above: Varsity offensive line coach Mike Fuhrmann working with younger 'O' lineman.

Above and below: Defensive line drills